Virus Removal Protection


We are the authorized partner of Kaspersky, Avira and Panda Anti Virus.  You pc’s Security is very important for businesses. We offers a multi-layered protection and virus removal programs based on your individual and corporate needs. Typical Virus/Spyware/Rootkit removal is our daily tasks.

We can protect your networks and computers against intrusion, hackers, spy malware, data loss, spam threats and quickly recover it in the event of a security breach. We use market-leading technologies and updated, licensed security software to keep your data protected.

The Internet can connect you to anyone and anywhere, from your home or office. That is why spyware or malware can hit your computer from any source. Since anyone can send you any file, there are possibilities that some of these files may have malicious matter. The content of these files are designed to disrupt the normal functioning of your computer or hack into personal details. There is definite and urgent need to protect your work against such viruses, spyware, adware, and malware.

Most of us think that the antivirus program installed will take care of any virus, which may not be entirely true. First Point IT's virus removal experts will tell you that sometimes a combination of an antivirus program is needed to wipe out viruses. Our experts also guide you to run the antivirus scan periodically or after you have downloaded some content.

Some of the programs categorized under the banner of viruses are Trojan horse programs and worms. These remain undetected and only act when the specific programs are executed. Our spyware and virus removal experts assist you in detecting and destroying such hidden viruses as well and ensure virus and spyware protection.

Our virus and spyware removal experts ensure that the new viruses are not able to get in your system and those, which have already got in are detected before they cause any damage. Other security services include safely supporting authorized users through strong passwords, VPNs, secure remote access, file encryption, ID access and